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The Drum Waiters after dinner show

The after dinner performance

Following in the best traditions of the singing waiters and the stage show Stomp, the Drum Waiters provide after dinner entertainment in a fresh, highly animated and inventive way. How it works…

Dressed as waiters and helping serve dinner guests prior to the performance, at the appointed time they subtly start to reveal their true colours. Spread around the room, the first 'waiter' starts to clap a rhythm that is picked up by each of the others in turn. At first there is a degree of uncertainty amongst the guests as to what exactly is happening, but as soon as the waiters produce wine bottles, saucepans, trays and cutlery to create fascinating and impressive sounds and beats they quickly become caught up in the fun rhythmic atmosphere as the performers wind their way around the guests towards the stage area.

The show proceeds with skilfully choreographed moves, a variety of drums and percussion instruments - not to mention large water butts for an exciting Kodo piece – and some familiar rhythms – gorilla masks are donned for In The Air Tonight and hands are raised skywards for We Will Rock You. The performance ends with a powerful high speed finale on drum kit and tom toms.

Throughout the Drum Waiters are energetic, vibrant and dynamic, and a degree of audience participation is always inevitable, with guests clapping along and tapping the tables. The Waiters can even be joined on stage by volunteers from the audience for one section of the show, and for those who would like a higher degree of participation the Drum Waiters can provide instruments. Click here for details.


The Drum Waiters - after dinner show
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