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Drum Waiters - audience participation

Audience participation

There is always a fair amount of audience involvement in a Drum Waiters performance, with guests invariably clapping, tapping and whooping along. And there is an opportunity for some guests to join the Waiters on stage to drum with them if desired.

But for some clients a higher degree of audience participation is a requirement, and for them the Drum Waiters can provide boomwhackers for guests to play along on. Boomwhackers are coloured plastic tubes that are struck on the hand (or any other part of the body!) and play musical notes. They are lightweight, great fun and easy to distribute quickly to guests at their tables once the Waiters have performed their floor show.

Non-musicians can be turned into a wonderful sounding musical boomwhacker orchestra in a very short space of time, and other activities include imitating Kodo drumming and creating the theme tune to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which sounds fantastic as it gets faster and faster.. It is also possible to provide drums and a variety of percussion instruments to be used by guests, and for the really adventurous some world music singing and dancing can be orchestrated too…


The Drum Waiters - audience participation
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