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"An ENORMOUS big thank you for Saturday night!! You did an absolutely fantastic job, everybody said it was amazing and a real surprise! Why on earth did I worry that it would be too noisy?!! All the guests thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Alison Foxon, Bride, Gorcott Hall

"Our Wedding Reception was absolutely fantastic thanks to you and your team! All our guests are still talking about it! We had the most amazing day and you can be assured you played a huge part in it."
Kim Taylor, Bride

"Just a note to say that your guys were excellent! Everybody was shocked and thought the entertainment was brilliant, people were commenting on it all night and it was probably the most lively reception I have ever been too and really lifted it! We went on to have a great night, please thank the guys again for their efforts, it was amazing!"
Jenna & Warren Tuite, Bride and Groom

The Drum Waiters are an original act for weddings, and their talents can be used in a variety of ways. The exciting after dinner performance, which can come before or after the speeches, is the most popular activity.

But for brides and grooms looking for something a bit different, the surprise element of the Drum Waiters performance can come earlier in the proceedings, with the waiters bursting into rhythm at the drinks reception before leading the guests through to their seats for the meal.

They can do several short performances at different times during the wedding party, and a quick burst of drumming makes for a perfect way to attract the guests' attention when required (a nice change from the customary spoon banged on a bottle call to attention).

And if a separate room or area is available they can run a participative drum workshop for the children and younger guests to keep them entertained for a while.

Drummers can even be playing outside the venue before the ceremony as guests arrive, and lead the bride and groom out after the service. It really is up to you how much or how little the Drum Waiters do. They are there to enhance your special day, and are totally flexible in their performances. Drummers enliven any event, and the rhythms and beats of the Drum Waiters are ideal for creating a distinct and exciting atmosphere at your wedding.

Having created an impressive CV in the corporate market over the last few years, the Drum Waiters have started to take their exciting and highly energetic act to the festivals, shows and fun days of Great Britain…

A music act like no other, the Drum Waiters incorporate elements of world rhythms, Stomp and rock'n'roll drums into a unique performance that is perfect for any event whether indoors or out…

How it begins…
The show starts in the audience 15 minutes prior to the performance, with the Waiters, dressed smartly in white shirts and dickie bows, wandering amongst the crowd with silver salvers full of marshmallows that they offer out freely. This always creates a stir and interest, the audience assuming this has been laid on as a bit of fun by the event organisers.

Just a few seconds before show time the waiters slip back stage, pick up their saucepans and trays, and run out onto the stage banging out the famous football clapping rhythm. The crowd are immediately lit up as they recognise the waiters who had been amongst them only minutes before, and join in the clap enthusiastically.

The show
Having engaged the crowd, the Waiters throw down their pans, pick up their African djembes and go into the first part of the routine, with a resounding groove being beaten out.

The show proceeds in a similar way to an after dinner performance, with skilfully choreographed moves, a variety of drums and percussion instruments - not to mention large water butts for an exciting Kodo piece – and some familiar rhythms – gorilla masks are donned for In The Air Tonight and hands are raised skywards for We Will Rock You.

There is a fun human beatbox section, and the performance ends with a powerful high speed finale on drum kit and tom toms. For one section of the show the Waiters are joined on stage by volunteers from the audience, and at other points the audience are engaged with body percussion rhythms and some sing-alongs.

Throughout the Drum Waiters are energetic, vibrant and dynamic, and the audience participation is always a major part of the show, with the audience clapping, dancing and singing along, leaving everyone feeling exhilarated and invigorated.

Workshops and Drum Circle
It is also possible for the Drum Waiters to run workshops at festivals and fun days. Suitable for all ages, the Drum Waiters are skilled at turning a group of non-musicians into a fantastic drum and percussion orchestra in a very short space of time.



The Drum Waiters
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